Graphics and more below.
Graphics and more below.
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The Five Colorado Counties Where Income Has Fallen the Most

Last week, we posted about the five Colorado counties where incomes have risen the most since 1980.

Now, we look at the other side of the coin: the five Colorado counties where incomes have fallen the most over that same period.

As before, the information comes from the folks at GraphicFeed, which used data assembled by the National Historical Geographic Information System, culled from census reports and more, to determine which counties in the state registered the largest decrease in median household income since 1980. The digits were then adjusted to 2015 dollars with the assistance of the research site MooseRoots to factor out inflation over that period.

The results are depicted in clickable graphics below — and while most of the counties are from outside the Denver metro area, the one exception definitely struck us as surprising.

See the top five below, supplemented by a clickable heat map for the entire state and more.

5. Prowers County - Median income change: $-1,930 (-5.3%).

4. San Juan County - Median income change: $-3,679 (-8.8%).

3. Arapahoe County - Median income change: $-6,226 (-9.1%).

2. Moffat County - Median income change: $-8,186 (-13.5%).

1. Lake County - Median income change: $-17,194 (-27.1%).

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