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The five hottest money honeys to break the news about economic catastrophe

That's one way to Maxim-ize your assets.

We know -- the ongoing fiscal crisis has got America in a panic. But learning about the latest dismal developments is a lot less painful when they're delivered by a babelicious business reporter of the sort that populate cable news nets these days. Look below for videos of our top five -- the money honeys (like CNBC's Erin Burnett) whose stock keeps rising even when Wall Street is in a nosedive.

5. Jenna Lee, Fox Business She's an all-American girl with rust-colored hair and a sneaky sensuality on display in the following clip. The opening mid-range shots of her in a dress with quasi-puffy sleeves and a prim collar seem merely pleasant -- but then Fox Business' trademark gam cam offers a long, lingering zoom up her long, lovely legs. Suddenly, it's a bull market.

4. Maria Bartiromo, CNBC One of the original business channel hotties, Bartiromo is an acquired taste -- an old-style beauty gifted with dark, mysterious eyes that inspire a range of calculations having nothing to do with facts and figures. (Well, maybe hers.) Still, she more than holds her own in a video that pits her against another unlikely sex symbol of the moment, VPILF wannabe Sarah Palin.

3. Alexis Glick, Fox Business Strong. Classy. Smokin'. And while holding up the strapless gown she wears in this video, she demonstrates the sort of support that the Congress' bailout bill hasn't been able to muster.

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2. Trish Regan, CNBC When the choice is between boom or bust, Regan always goes for the latter. In the following video, she's standing in front of a bridge in Brazil wearing a clinging pink top. Which scenic wonder caught most viewers' attention? No contest...

1. Erin Burnett, CNBC Squawk on the Street, which Burnett co-hosts, could just as well refer to the wolf whistles she gets while walking down the street as buzz about the Dow Jones Industrial Average. She's capable of taking a dude's breath away faster than a suddenly worthless 401K. Even Chris Matthews is under her spell, as he proves in disturbing fashion below. Hands off, Chris. She's ours!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.