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Reader: We Need Better Highways Now!

Reader: We Need Better Highways Now!
What to do about traffic congestion? That's a question that probably keeps more than one Colorado Department of Transportation employee up at night.

CDOT is proposing at least one fix to a problem known as "The Gap." The treacherous eighteen-mile stretch of Interstate 25 between Castle Rock and Monument could be expanded to include a toll lane. But that proposal makes many who live near The Gap uneasy, dredging up complaints about transportation woes from other readers, too. Says Jack:
First we pay for the roads, then we pay to drive on the roads?!? Quit bending us taxpayers over.
Edgemeon adds:
Tired of all these toll roads!!.. Where are our tax dollars going?.. It’s not the roads and it’s not the schools!!
Monica asks:
Tolled, why?! Traffic is heavy, slow and dangerous in that area even during weekends. But CDOT is willing to spend millions testing Hyperloop....We need better highways now.
Megan argues:
A transit lane with a train would make much more sense. Colorado is awesome in so many ways, but transportation issues haven’t changed. I think students who failed municipal planning get hired at CDOT and get to make horribly planned road maintenance.
Jimmy notes:
Yes, the more toll roads the better. I love having the option of paying a little extra to not sit in traffic.
Concludes Chris:
It'll probably be used just as often as the other toll lanes are.
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