The buses arrive -- at last.

The longest three-minute bus ride in history

When it became clear that many of the people gathered outside the Pepsi Center on Tuesday evening might not make it inside in time for Hillary Clinton's big speech, Democratic National Convention personnel decided to allow anyone present who wasn't carrying oversized media equipment could ride buses to a different arena entry point originally designated for delegates. Sounded good, by the execution was bizarre. The bus I was directed toward filled up when I was fourth from the front of the line leading to it, and it took a mighty long time to return -- and I soon found out why. The vehicle took an insanely circuitous route that took it onto the Auraria campus, near the Tivoli, and even entailed a U-turn. We wound up driving in what seemed like circles for fifteen before finally arriving at another Pepsi Center parking lot.

Were the bus drivers local? And if so, what had they been sniffing? -- Michael Roberts

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