The luckiest political campaign office in Colorado is becoming a fitness center

Campaigners are getting serious about the next election, but would-be candidates missed a golden opportunity in the Golden Triangle when they failed to lease the space at 1100 Bannock Street most recently occupied by the Michael Hancock campaign.

Because this address has seen a serious streak of success.

Eight years ago, this spot was headquarters for the Ken Salazar for Senate campaign; Salazar won (and later surrendered his seat to become Secretary of the Interior). The next occupant? Former Denver DA Bill Ritter, who based his campaign here when he ran for governor in 2006. Ritter won, too, but declined to run again in 2010.

Mark Udall, then U.S. Representative for the 2nd Congressional District, used the office as the base for the 2008 Senate race. He won, of course.

The Democrats established a Coordinated Campaign Headquarters for the 2010 election here, using it to push Michael Bennet, who'd been appointed to Salazar's vacant seat by Ritter. And Bennet beat Ken Buck -- an upset that stunned pundits across the country. But not anyone who knew the history of this building in Colorado politics.

The location also proved lucky for Michael Hancock, who was polling a distant third in the race when he first announced he was running for Denver mayor -- but then started picking up speed after he moved into his new campaign headquarters, passing James Mejia and then picking off Chris Romer in the run-off.

But despite the "for lease" notice that's been on 1100 Bannock Street for months, no campaign signed on. And now it's off the market: A fitness spot is going in. Making plans for next year? Don't miss Mayor Michael Hancock's bucket list for can't-miss activities in Denver in 2012.

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