The Media's Bad Case of Rockies Fever

This morning on the Fan, host Mike Evans beseeched Rockies boosters to knock off the "Hooterville stuff" -- the sort of crazed, over-the-top blather than makes it abundantly clear to folks outside the area that both the team and its fans are in previously unvisited territory. Now if only reps from the rest of the local media would take the hint, too. Every television newscast is already stuffed with Rockies puff pieces, most of which are being reported in so giddy a tone that the correspondents and anchors could well be taking nitrous hits between shots. And there are still seven more days to go before the World Series starts.

On October 16, the worst offender among TV stations was Channel 4. During the morning news block, the talent adorned themselves in National League Championship Series t-shirts and used every spare second of happy-talk time for Rockies rah-rah at its most excessive. Then, that evening, main anchor Molly Hughes turned up wearing a purple sweater -- a wardrobe choice she clearly hadn't thought through, since the coarse fabric failed to disguise the unmentionables she was wearing underneath it. A stripe of white was clearly visible across her chest, making her rack look absolutely huge.

As a result, I have absolutely no idea what last night's top stories were. But I bet they had something to do with the Rockies -- and they were probably stupid and unnecessary. If only we could fast-forward to this time next week. -- Michael Roberts

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