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The most popular Westword.com news stories of 2008

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The St. Pauli Girl's beer-pong exploits ranked among westword.com's best-read stories in 2008. But what was No. 1?

The new year is almost here. But before you look forward, you have to look back, to assess where you've been, and to make sure you didn't drop any bras or underwear. That's always embarrassing.

To help you take stock, we've compiled the 15 most-read news stories published in 2008 both here on the Latest Word blog and in the print edition of Westword. You'll also find year-end stuff at westword.com/slideshow and on the Backbeat blog. Read it, Denver, and maybe you'll learn something about yourself. Namely: You really like free tacos.

15. Drop Boards, Not Bombs After building a skatepark in Aspen, a businessman sets out to bring the joy of skating to a place a little less used to fun: Baghdad.

14. Five celebrities who would make great Obama press secretaries Ah yes, the days when speculating wildly (and woefully) about All Things Obama were fun and not at all annoying. We remember those.

13. Slave to History More than 200 years after slaves revolted in Haiti, a former Colorado couple wants to commemorate their act.

12. Pain Management Cancer patient Tim Thomason didn't think he could feel any worse. His Denver jailers showed that he could.

11. The Broncos use stealth technology to land a B-2 flyover Yet they can't stop a sweep. Weird, eh?

10. Longmont Times-Call staffers invited to work as valets at owner's Christmas party Because, you know, they'll all be out of work soon, so they might as well make some extra dough.

9. PMSBuddy: A Denver entrepreneur's idea to make your girlfriend hate you a little more Remember to delete this from your history, guys.

8. DIA Conspiracies Take Off You heard about the facility six stories underground, right?

7. Five keys to guarding a woman in pick-up basketball Must. Read. Comments.

6. NFL Season Preview 2008: Which team has the drunkest fans? Clue: Their team played in Denver this weekend.

5. Denver's mysterious birthday billboards Who the f%$# is Will?

4. The St. Pauli Girl sucks at beer pong, and that's just fine She also cheats.

3. 25 Gaming Euphemisms for the Death of Gary Gygax And 50 comments to go with them.

2. Wait: I joined another gym? Huh? One man's meditation on his own unstoppable laziness.

1. Taco Bell's free taco deal goes from a hit to a brick No longer can you stuff yourself with free tacos. Now you have to buy a drink.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.