Reggie McDaniel

The Mysterious Departure of KOA's Reggie McDaniel

Movie and restaurant reviewer Reggie McDaniel is a longtime presence on KOA/850 AM, having hosted weekend shows and popped up Fridays during Mike Rosen's chatfest and

The Ride Home

, the afternoon-drive program co-hosted by Dave Logan and Lois Melkonian. But he's been absent from the air for several weeks, and while

his web page

remains on

KOA's site

, it hasn't been updated for over a month. So what's the deal? McDaniel couldn't be reached for comment, but Kris Olinger, who oversees KOA and the other AM signals owned by Clear Channel Denver, reveals that he's currently on indefinite hiatus that could turn out to be permanent.

"Reggie’s deal is complicated," she maintains via e-mail. "He needed to get the money out of his 401K so he could get his business up and running. In order to do that he had to 'retire.'" She adds that "he may be back when he gets his financial situation in order. We've been telling people he left to focus on his business."

The vagueness of this explanation may lead to speculation that McDaniel is struggling with health issues of the sort that have plagued him on and off in recent years -- but according to Olinger, he was feeling fine the last time they spoke. Until McDaniel resurfaces, then, the only thing listeners know for certain is that he's gone. -- Michael Roberts

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.