The Rockies' Final Countdown

The clock on the lower right-hand corner of my computer says 2:01. Normally that would mean three hours until I can slink out of the office and go home without being called an underachiever, a ne’er-do-well or sot by the powers-that-be who daily monitor me here at the office with hawkish intensity. And while that three-hour countdown still remain a valid clock towards achieving that aforementioned goal, 5:01 is not the hour I await. Nor is escaping higher-ups' wrath something that I care about today. Nay, friend, the hour to which I look forward is 8:10 p.m., and the goal I seek is a Colorado Rockies victory. Tonight your Colorado Rockies will do battle against the Los Angeles Dodgers. You may recall us sweeping the Dodgers four games in a row last week, causing them to implode like a misguided soufflé. You may then recall how the Rockies headed to San Diego and swept the Padres three games in a row, causing that team to implode as well, and prompting their star Milton Bradley to behave like one of the children who play his many board games, and tear his ACL while throwing a temper tantrum. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Awesome.

But tonight marks a new era in awesome. Six games remain, we are one game out of the Wild Card race, behind the Padres and the Phillies. Not only are the Rockies relevant in September, they are a legitimate threat. They say our destiny is in our own hands, if we win out, we’ll make the playoffs. Tonight marks the first step in that direction. Young Ubaldo (Spanish for badass) Jimenez takes on Brad Penny at Los Angeles, where the reeling Dodgers are no doubt seeking revenge for us knocking them out of the playoff race. To that I say fuck the Dodgers. And fuck Brad Penny. Hawpe is hot. Holliday is back. The kid Rockies are growing up before our eyes. The smell of playoff baseball blends with that of the falling leaves in the Queen City of the Plains, and a sweeter scent I do not know. Tonight we lay it all on the line. I fucking love this game.

The clock on the lower right-hand corner of my computer says 2:11… -- Adam Cayton-Holland

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Sean Cronin