The Rocky Mountain News Poo-Poos on Martha Stewart

A June 20 More Messages blog needled the Rocky Mountain News for leaving the letter "y" off the word "say" in a headline affixed to one of the day's biggest stories. Somehow, though, I missed an even funnier gaffe in the June 21 Rocky. In that issue, "pooh-pooh," which means "to express contempt for or impatience about; make light of" according to the online Free Dictionary, was spelled "poo-poo," which means -- well, we all know what that means. As a bonus, the "poo-poo" landed on someone ever so deserving: Martha Stewart.

The article in question pertained to a recent overseas visit by the queen of fine living: Several U.K. newspapers reported that Stewart was prevented from entering Britain due to her 2004 conviction on an obstruction of justice charge. With that in mind, someone at the Rocky wrote a headline that read, "Brits Poo-Poo Planned Visit by Stewart the Felon."

Sure, it's wrong -- but in some ways, it's right, too. The line can be read as "Brits Shit on Planned Visit by Stewart the Felon," which may be inappropriate for a family newspaper but is mighty close to the truth. -- Michael Roberts

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