The Ten Most Stolen Cars in Colorado

Update: Around this time in 2015, we revealed the ten most frequently stolen cars in Colorado according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau's annual "Hot Wheels" list, which covered calendar year 2014.

Now, the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association has published data about Colorado thieves' favorite targets in 2015, and many of the same makes and models reappear, including the top two, which are ahead of the competition by a lot — and even more of them were stolen last year than during the previous one.

However, several vehicle types have fallen out of the roster, and a number of new ones have taken their place.

The RMIIA doesn't share the most coveted year of manufacture for the stolen vehicles, as the "Hot Wheels" list did. But the agency does point out that 72.6 percent of the swiped rides rolled off the assembly line between 1995 and 2000 — meaning that criminals like to go after cars that are fifteen or twenty years old, as opposed to the newest ones on the street. Also note that whereas the National Insurance Crime Bureau combined Jeep Cherokees and Grand Cherokees into a single category, the RMIIA counts them separately.

Oh, yeah: Once again, the car I own is very near the top of the list. Not exactly great news for yours truly.

Count down the photo-illustrated top ten below, complete with data comparisons from 2014 to 2015. That's followed by the complete "Assessment of Motor Vehicle Thefts in 2015 Colorado" report.

Number 10 in 2015: Subaru Impreza
Total stolen: 165

Number 10 in 2014: Subaru Legacy
Total stolen: 141
Most common model year stolen: 1999

Number 9 in 2015: Toyota Camry
Total stolen: 180

Number 9 in 2014: Ford Explorer
Total stolen: 163
Most common model year stolen: 2002

Number 8 in 2015: Acura Integra
Total stolen: 193

Number 8 in 2014: Toyota Camry
Total stolen: 174
Most common model year stolen: 1999

Number 7 in 2015: Chevrolet Silverado Pickup (Full size)
Total stolen: 200

Number 7 in 2014: Dodge Pick-up (Full size)
Total stolen: 195
Most common model year stolen: 2001

Number 6 in 2015: Jeep Grand Cherokee
Total stolen: 255

Number 6 in 2014: Acura Integra
Total stolen: 205
Most common model year stolen: 1995

Continue to see the five cars stolen most often in Colorado in 2015.

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