The Westword.com blog shortcut, April 15 edition

I'll try not to make this too taxing.

Today in Backbeat Online:Last Night: Fall Out Boy at the Fillmore. • Last Night: Mastodon at the Fox Theatre. • DJ Vajra impresses NAMM crowd with his turntable magic. • Update: Hot IQs calling it a day. • The Denver Boot: Voices Underwater -- 09.29.05. • Guest DJ with DJ MU$A at the Coral Room. • Free Tauntaun show Saturday at Wax Trax for Record Store Day. • Record Store Day preview: The Flaming Lips meet the Black Keys.

Today in Cafe Society:Flag down dinner at the Flagstaff House. • Get your Two Spoons of cereal. • EZE Mop building off the market. • See? I'm not the only one who loves O's...A spirited plan for Buchi Cafe Cubano. • Free food and other delicious deals on Tax Day. • Our Weekly Bread: Crostone at Parisi. • Joe Vostrejs knows fry bread.

Today in The Latest Word:KOA's Colorado Morning News letting its bias show in Tea Party coverage. • Could Denver Nuggets be number two in a good way?George Hickenlooper addresses F-bomb footage of his cousin, Mayor John Hickenlooper. • Obnoxious North Carolina students leave Tom Tancredo speechless. • Ryan Frazier throws his hat into the Senate race. • Paula Woodward opens up -- a little -- about her decision to leave 9News. • CU Chancellor, obviously high, sends students finger-wagging e-mail about staying clean on 4/20. Stay off the grass, kids. And my lawn, too.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.