The Westword.com blog shortcut, April 29 edition

Under whatever circumstances.

Today in Cafe Society:Olivea opening May 4. • Dos Casas at Lola tonight. • Jet's Pizza Republica ready for takeoff. • Delicious Designs: Eat this restaurant, part four. • Senor Rita's is no mas.

Today in Backbeat Online:This Just In: Cursive added to Westword Music Showcase lineup. • Beyond Playlist: MSTRKRFT -- Fist of God.

Today in The Latest Word:Monica Owens getting more involved in the family business. • Chris "Birdman" Andersen an unlikely key to tonight's impending Nuggets victory. • Tom Martino's arrogance helps him win court case. • Kenny Be: Legislative Theater. • G-Man Rich Goins on being laid off at Clear Channel Denver's The Fox. • Mile Haiku: Video from the Blue Mustang poetry reading. • Urbavore's Dilemma: Christie Isenberg aims to till the asphalt jungle. Your thumb may be green, but what about the rest of you?

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