Chris Andersen, aka Birdman, aka Empty Wallet Guy.

The Blog Shortcut, July 28

Below lies your somewhat trusty guide to's five sort of trusty blogs. Use as directed.

Kenny Be takes his weekly convention cartoon, Delegating Denver, down that old country road, to West Virginia.

The Cat's Pajamas cruises the aisles at Perpetual, the new boutique on West 32nd.

Cafe Society discovers the never-ending joy of Hover Bacon.

Backbeat Online reviews, like, 47 shows from over the weekend -- including the Flobots and Offspring at the Big Gig.

And right here at Latest Word, we introduce you to the Herpes Happy Hour, illegal idling at DIA, and the return to the Nuggets of America's favorite coke-snorting forward. -- Joe Tone


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