The Westword.com Blog Shortcut, July 9 Edition

Today, Westword's blogs are like Mr. Creosote -- overstuffed and ready to erupt. Stand back, because you might get some on you.

Scads of content about the astonishing Tillemann-Dick family, the subject of a feature article by Joel Warner, can be found in nearly every nook and cranny of the website you're on right now. This blog will introduce you to the members of the clan, including the awesomely monikered Liberty Belle, pictured here.

In addition, Backbeat Online delivers the bad news about Wu Fei, marvels at the explosion of 3OH!3, offers up a free MP3 from Josephine and the Mouse People, and presents Q&As with Leslie Feist and the iconoclastic Nels Cline, plus checks in with reviews of Constantines, Ladyhawk and d.biddle and MYSE, Devon Williams, Ellison Park and the May Kit.

Elsewhere, The Cat's Pajamas shares some retro-fashion dreams, and Cafe Society listens in as Jason Sheehan reveals his secret identity. Usually he never leaves home without a mask and a cape. And in Demver, Patricia Calhoun samples the donuts handed out at the latest Democratic National Convention walk-through. Lucky thing they weren't green. -- Michael Roberts

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