The blog shortcut, June 23 edition

Let's rap, shall we?

Today in Backbeat Online:Deca finds "Movement" in a wind farm. • Sunny Day Real Estate reunion tour hits Denver this September. • New Beastie Boys release date, track listing and artwork announced. • FMBQ to introduce new Triple A conference in Boulder. • The Pogues, Dinosaur Jr., Creed shows announced.

Today in Cafe Society:Get your boozenfüd on at City, O' City. • T-Wa Inn celebrates 25 years on Silk Road with a $25 menu for two. • Phil's Place was quite the place on Father's Day. • Cooking Dirty: Eight days and counting. • Get sloshed at the Wynkoop's single malt scotch tasting dinner. • San Lorenzo Ristorante goes dark.

Today in The Latest Word:Would Denverites still fly Frontier if it wasn't based in Denver?Mixed (Twitter) messages from Jay Cutler about Brandon Marshall. • The Denver Wax Museum lives on (sort of). • The science behind Rockies pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez's nasty stuff. • Urbavore's Dilemma: Separating the natives from the non-natives at local farmer's markets. Apparently, bumperstickers don't tell the whole story....


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