The Westword.com blog shortcut, June 4 edition

Sorry to interrupt you....

Today in Backbeat Online:Goodbye, Magic Cyclops. Hello, Scotty Ramone. • Rainbow Music Hall now officially only a memory. • Paper Bird in search of intriguing, suitable adjective. • The Fray's not-so-secret dress rehearsal. • Meet a six-year-old harmonica wunderkind named Aiden.

Today in Cafe Society:Malbecs and tenderloin tonight at Morton's, LoDo. • Barolo Grill makes Nation's Restaurant News hall of fame roster. • Golden City Brewery's beer garden is easy and breezy. • A tourist in her own town. • Burrito Giant's giant burritos served with a side of gym equipment. • Q&A with Robert Kenner, director of Food Inc.

Today in The Latest Word:Former Avs coach Tony Granato: Nice guys get sacked. • Video: Dinger hurts his groin. • CSU tries stalling maneuver in open-meetings lawsuit brought by Coloradoan, other media outlets. • Lighting up pot reform in Breckenridge. • Tony Dungy joins rest of humanity in questioning Jay Cutler's maturity. If the fit fits, throw it.

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