The blog shortcut, November 11 edition

At the original Davies Chuck Wagon Diner, a horse is a horse, of course, of course.

Join us as we salute blogging veterans -- and the other kind, too.

Today in Cafe Society:Rounding up a third edition of Davies Chuck Wagon Diner. • Could Denver's Daniel Young wind up cooking at the White House?El Viva Villa Mexican restaurant moves into the old Mee Yee Lin space. • The man behind Buenos Aires Grill branches out in Aspen. • What's cooking at the Colorado Department of Agriculture?Wishing a happy birthday to Dubbel Dutch. • Amici's Pizzeria is taking over the old Gemini. • Experiencing hog heaven at Big Papa's BBQ.

Today in Backbeat Online:A wild slideshow of Mickey Avalon, Dirt Nasty and Beardo at the Ogden Theatre. • Park Pourbaix gets the MP3 Freeloader treatment. • Offering up a free download of a song by the Widowers. • The Dave Matthews Band plans to release a set from the Mile High Music Festival.

Today in The Latest Word:Matt Holliday and the Rockies' case of premature ejaculation. • Secondhand Sartorialism's TaRosa Jacobs asks, "Can't we all just get along?"Denver Council signs off on the most expensive cookbook ever.The Colorado Independent is downsizing but not disappearing. • Outgoing 9News anchor Bob Kendrick unloads on a Rocky Mountain News article during a college appearance. Look out below. -- Michael Roberts

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