Madonna rides on something a lot older than she is.

The blog shortcut, November 12 edition

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Today in Backbeat Online: • Dave Herrera's live review of Madonna at the Pepsi Center. • The skinny on tonight's Madonna cast and crew after-party. • A Q&A with Minor Threat, Fugazi and Dischord Records founder Ian MacKaye. • A.H. Golstein talks to Rise Against's Brandon Barnes. • A sneak peak at Ghost Buffalo's new video. • Flier of the week: Sarah Palin barebacks a T-Rex.

Today in Cafe Society:Sampling the new chef at the Millennium Harvest House. • The Fainting Goat opens its doors. • Check out this season's Top Chef competitors. • Wishing Maggiano's a happy birthday. • The Colorado Progressive All-Star Celebration comes to 8 Rivers. • If Daniel Young is good enough for Barack Obama, he's good enough for you.

Today in The Latest Word:Nuggets play-by-play man Jerry Schemmel tries a new ballgame. • Colorado Independent staffers are warned not to talk about layoffs. • The top five players the Colorado Rockies got rid of too soon -- not including Matt Holliday. • Expect a Denver Public Schools teacher-recruitment program to set a new record. • More perks for departing CSU president Larry Penley. Although he may not consider this blog to be a nice going-away gift. -- Michael Roberts


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