On the Rocks.
On the Rocks.

On the Rocks.

The Westword.com blog shortcut, November 18 edition

Reading is blog-a-rific.

Today in Backbeat Online:Five things to do at Red Rocks besides see a concert. • A free Low Budget Soul download. • Pee Pee will back Nellie McKay this Saturday before hibernating for the winter.

Today in Cafe Society:This beer gauge helps you get your pint's worth. • After an expansion, there'll be more of the SAME Cafe. • A late-night visit to Izakaya Den.

Today in The Latest Word:Is Prince having an anti-gay affair with Phil Anschutz? • Focus on the Family doesn't blame Barack Obama for layoffs -- yet. • The Class act at the Denver Film Festival. • Denver TV's digital-conversion lessons are getting ever more ridiculous. • KnowYourCourts busts a rogue shrink. Talk about an expensive session. -- Michael Roberts


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