k.d. lang.

The Westword.com blog shortcut, November 5 edition

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Today in Backbeat Online: • A revealing Q&A with k.d. lang. • A live review of Metallica at the Pepsi Center. • Getting to know former Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus. • A vintage Pavement profile that hinted at the breakup to come. • A conversation with a rising Denver band called the Overcasters. • An in-depth chat with Marnie Stern. • 3Oh!3 adds a second show to an Ogden Theatre gig in January. • Horse premiers a new video. • Remembering Westword's endorsement of... George Clinton?

Today in Cafe Society:The sweet, sweet taste of Buchi's Cuban coffee. • A vote for Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches. • A rocky claim from Wicked Gardens. • A reminder to frequent little hole-in-the-wall spots... like Yoisho.

Today in The Latest Word:Focus on the Family implies that Barack Obama is a pagan. • No Republican is safe -- not even Carol Chambers. • Colorado voters make their voices heard at the ballot box -- and on YouTube. • Colorado-based pro-Palin blogger Adam Brickley has his eyes on a new prize. • O no-no's: ten things black people shouldn't do to celebrate Obama's victory. Wesley Snipes won't like the sound of number four. -- Michael Roberts


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