The Fray.

The Westword.com blog shortcut, November 6 edition

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Today in Backbeat Online:The Fray sets the date for its next album. • Eric Eyl's Mile High Makeout offers tricks and treats. • A Q&A with Gang Gang Dance's Lizzi Bougasos. • A free MP3 from Rabbit Is a Sphere.

Today in Cafe Society:Remembrance of things pasta at the Saucy Noodle. • Veggie Girl tries the lunch buffet at Little India. • The rise of Tooey's Off Colfax. • A couple finds a bag of weed in their Del Taco takeout order.

Today in The Latest Word:No post-election shrinkage -- yet -- at the Denver dailies. • Dan Caplis engages in posturing, not paranoid delusion. • The Denver Nuggets' quarter-life crisis. • Andrew Romanoff loses one and wins one. • Joe Tone isn't so sure he wants to know "What Would Jay Cutler Do?" After last week's game against Miami, I'll bet you understand. -- Michael Roberts

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