Ben Harper rallies for Obama.

The blog shortcut, October 23 edition

Belly up to the blogs.

Today in Backbeat Online:Ben Harper will play a few songs at a Barack Obama rally on Saturday.

Today in Cafe Society:Mayor John Hickenlooper celebrates delicious design. • The Veggie Girl rides to the Red Trolley. • Westword wants you to be a food blogger.

Today in The Latest Word:Jon Caldara wants you to buy his sock puppets. • Could Dan Caplis be right about the presidential race? • Check out a slideshow featuring the new and improved Jesus at the Mother Cabrini Shrine. • The Hulk helps raise funds for a rare disease. • A gallery of escorts who may have pretended to love disgraced Judge Edward Nottingham. Love means never having to say, "You're guilty." -- Michael Roberts


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