Is that one o' them Three Tenors?

The blog shortcut, October 31 edition

Below: sweet blogs that won't rot your teeth.

Today in Cafe Society:La Sandia Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar comes to you courtesy of Richard Sandoval and Placido Domingo. • Dazzle offers a dazzling Halloween deal. • Tambien and Mezcal feature lively Day of the Dead displays. As I live and breath...

Today in Backbeat Online:Ice Cube headlines today's Friday Rap-up.

Today in The Latest Word:Michelle Obama overshares about what her husband needs. • How Teague Bohlen convinced his four-year-old daughter to dump John McCain. • Adam Cayton-Holland finds something nice to say about Comcast. • The Rocky Mountain News's 150th anniversary project gets off to a stumbling start. • Thirteen Denver locales that probably are haunted -- or at least should be. Spooky. -- Michael Roberts


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