This Blog May Not Be Suitable for Children

It turns out us writers at Westword’s “The Latest Word” blog aren’t a bunch of potty-mouths after all. We’re actually as family-friendly as, say, the movie Shrek.

This according to a blog-rating website, which scans the front page of blog sites for the presence of naughty words in order to give them an MPAA-style rating. After scanning through "The Latest Word"’s most recent blog entries, the site found three references to “gay,” two to “sex,” and one to “kill” and declared our blog as harsh as a Shirley Temple:


Westword’s other blogs are also pretty tame. “The Cat’s Pajamas” is downright chaste, with only one use of “death,” and a rating of


Westword’sBackbeat Online” is a little more indecent, with three “guns” and one “fucking” and a corresponding rating of


But considering we’re talking about a rock ’n‘ roll blog, that’s downright wholesome.

Overall, Westword’s blogs are about as inoffensive as those of the Denver Post's. The Post’s blogs get a rating of


Since, for some reason, the rating website thinks a single example of the word “pain” warrants parental guidance.

Things are more feisty on the Rocky Mountain News’ blogs. Mike Littwin’s bloviating for the month of May gives him a beg red


That’s what you get when you blog about “sex,” “bomb,” and – gasp – write “abortion” ten times.

But even Littwin’s bile is no match for the utter blasphemy being thrown about on “Elevated Voices,” 5280 magazine’s blog. The rating website took one look at 24 references to “gay” dropped on that blog and smacked the site with a deadly black


Parents, keep your children away.

Just to make sure Westword’s debased reputation isn’t completely ruined, here’s a guarantee that this site isn’t labeled too warm and fuzzy:

After he ass-fucked the painful shit out of his gay friend Bob, Larry decided he was going to take his gun and his bomb and kill, kill, kill. Larry also said, “Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, abortion.”

There. Consider yourself corrupted. –Joel Warner

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Crystal Preston-Watson