This Day In Colorado Rockies History

It's a strange day for Rockies fans. Our delegation to the House of Representatives in D.C., upon hearing that the Massachusetts delegation had introduced a resolution honoring the Boston Red Sox, decided they would draft their own touchy-feely, this-land-is-your-land-this-land-is-my-land, version of orange slices and group hugs after a little-league loss with a resolution that honors the Rockies for the 21 of 22 run, the National League pennant win, and the organization's "ability to host a fantastic Major League Baseball post-season." Cough, ticket sales, cough.

Not since their elementary school field days have members of the Rockies' front office been this overly praised for merely showing up.

Oh, and then there's the bet between Colorado senators Wayne Allard and Ken Salazar and Massachusetts senators Ted Kennedy and John Kerry, wherein, because of the Rockies' loss in the World Series, Allard and Salazar have sent 100 pounds of Coleman Beef to a Boston homeless shelter.

That's right, Boston bums, this is what Colorado has to offer you for your troubles: Colon cancer.

And from the WTF? department comes the news that Troy Tulowitzki did not get the Rookie of the Year award he so obviously deserved. At first glance, his offensive numbers weren't as good as those of Brewers' third baseman Ryan Braun, except for where they count: Numbers that help the team. Braun may have gotten more homers, but Tulo had more hits, RBIs and runs. The game, and coverage of the game, is obviously skewed to long-ball sluggers, but Sports Center surely aired more web gems from Tulo, whose 114 double plays make him my vote for the Golden Glove award. Which he won't get.

He played a full quarter of the season more than Braun as the team leader on the BEST INFIELD IN BASEBALL HISTORY.

His pep talk to the team early in the season is widely credited as the moment when the Rockies became a baseball team and not a doormat.

Not since Al Pacino won Best Actor for Scent of a Woman over Denzel Washingon's clearly superior Malcolm X has a travesty this profound been dealt to such a deserving performance. And we don't even have racism to blame.

But don't worry Denver, Tulo's just getting warmed up. -- Sean Cronin

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Sean Cronin