This year's all-mail election in Denver won't be city's last

Denver clerk and recorder Stephanie O'Malley's announcement that the November 3 election in Denver will be conducted entirely by mail didn't prompt rioting in the streets, protests from political heavyweights or much more than a shrug from the populace at large, and for good reason. Off-year elections like the one in 2009 traditionally register a low turnout, yet the city must spend big bucks to set up and maintain polling stations anyhow. Using the mail-in method will reportedly save as much as $125,000, and while that's a relatively paltry amount compared to Denver's budget as a whole, it could mean that two or three city employees who might otherwise be laid off will get to keep their jobs. That's one reason to give this move the stamp of approval -- and if everything goes smoothly (which it probably will, since no electronic voting machines will be involved), expect the feat to be repeated in 2011... and 2013... and 2015....

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