Three Denver Broncos who should have made the Pro Bowl

Three Denver Broncos will be going to the Pro Bowl this year -- the NFL's annual all-star game in Hawaii, and all of them, cornerback Champ Baily, defensive end Elvis Dumervil and rookie linebacker Vonn Miller, are deserving of the honor. They've been highlight films into themselves, providing defensive sparks that have given fans hope for the future.

But there are three other guys on the team who should have made the cut as well -- and guess what? None of them are Tim Tebow.

Ryan Clady The former first round pick has been one of Denver's most durable starters over the past three years (and one of the only good things Josh McDaniels left behind). But the offensive tackle stepped it up a notch this year as the guy out in front of left-handed Tim Tebow and as part of the reason why the running game actually worked this year.

Willis McGahee When the Broncos signed former Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens running back Willis McGahee before the season, it looked like yet another desperate attempt to squeeze a little more juice out of a used up veteran. But McGahee started the season strong -- overtaking Knowshon Moreno as the teams' featured back -- and he never looked back. Playing through injury game after game, McGahee has shown determination and grit as in creating a running game for a team that desperately need one. Barring an early injury in the final game of the season, McGahee will exceed 1,000 yards for the first time since he did it in in 2007 (he has 990 right now).

Matt Prater Denver's kicker started the season a little wobbly -- with a DUI arrest (see our Year in Review, which will be online this afternoon) -- but manged to recover well, winning several games with tough, last-minute field goals, including two fifty-plus yarders against the Chicago Bears. In fact, the Saturday Night Live episode making fun of Tim Tebow has Jesus pointing out that while Tebow may pray to the almighty, Jesus himself worships Prater.

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