Tim Tebow Jockey preview hypes Chuck Norris & Sinatra's "Send in the Clowns"? (VIDEOS)

The release last July of Tim Tebow's first photos for Jockey underwear caused multiple small orgasms among the faithful. So imagine the body rockin' on the way now that a print and TV campaign is about to roll out.

In advance, Jockey has released a couple of preview videos that are absolutely hilarious -- although maybe not intentionally.

The first clip touts the "Thermocule" technology behind Jockey's new Staycool line with updated versions of graphics from 1950s vintage educational films -- there's even a doctor in a white lab jacket! Chipping in is Tebow from the set of his commercial, delivering lines like, "The technology was made for NASA. If it's cool enough for astronauts, it's cool enough for me."

But that's mere prelude for a "Timeout With Tebow" segment in which he supposedly talks off-the-NASA-developed cuff about cool stuff. Coolest thing he's ever done? "Go to the White House and meet two different presidents back to back," he declares, adding, "I know all the inside scoop, too." (Like that the U.S. still hasn't been officially renamed Gator Nation?) The coolest person he's ever met? Chuck Norris. (Sorry, John Elway.) And the coolest pre-game music? Believe it or don't, Frank Sinatra's version of the old warhorse "Send in the Clowns," which would make most ballers want to take a nap out of self-defense, not get psyched to pound one into the end zone.

Then again, Tebow isn't most ballers, as is abundantly clear in the clips below:

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