Tim Tebow, Lindsey Vonn (& LaLa Vasquez?) bring Colorado to the ESPYs (VIDEOS)

Last night's ESPY Awards sported an unexpected amount of Colorado flavor. Tim Tebow wasn't a nominee, but he probably got more face time via crowd shots than most people who took home trophies. And when he gave the Best Female Athlete award to Vail's Lindsey Vonn (who asked Justin Bieber to pose for a Facebook page photo with her), he was the one who received an "I love you!" shout-out from an audience member, not his ultra-hot co-presenter, swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker.

Also on hand: LaLa Vasquez, who interviewed celebrities backstage -- the very type of gig that reportedly had her pushing hubby Carmelo Anthony to brutally reject Colorado in favor of the Big Apple.

Look below to see two clips: post-show interviews by former Denver Nuggets player Jalen Rose, with Tebow popping up at about the three-and-a-half minute mark, and LaLa behind the microphone.

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