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Tim Tebow should genuflect to Von Miller after Broncos' latest miracle vs. Chargers (VIDEO)

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Did watching Jesus perform miracles ever become routine? No -- and we're sure as heaven not bored seeing Tim Tebow do likewise week after week. But thanks and praise for the Broncos 16-13 win over San Diego must be shared with The Chosen One's apostles.

Especially Saint Von Miller.

At this point, Broncos fans are definitely recognizing a familiar pattern when it comes to the offense under Tebow -- but on Sunday, there were some slight variations. For instance, the first drive was typically strong, with Willis McGahee ripping off yardage seemingly at will. This time, though, Denver stalled before registering any points, thanks in part to some terrible Timmy passing. Moreover, the Chargers, who've slumped pretty much in parallel to the Broncos' rise, managed to move with alacrity due to what looked in the beginning to be softer than usual defensive intensity and a slack pass rush.

Hence, the Broncos found themselves down 10-0 in the middle of the second quarter -- a substantial sum given the pace of Denver's attack these days. But fear not: Tebow came through as the first half wound down, with his touchdown pass to Eric Decker looking practically text-book perfect from a mechanical standpoint. Praise be!

At that point, believers knew the Broncos were on the path toward another unlikely victory -- not that there weren't plenty of obstacles to overcome before it was earned. Tebow led the team into the red zone in the waning minutes of the game -- yet on the sort of third-down busted play that seemed pre-scripted for a TD, he only made it to the four, precipitating a tying field goal by Matt Prater. The boot gave San Diego plenty of time to counter, but the Broncos' D, which became more aggressive and effective as the contest wore on, shut the door, leading to overtime.

During the extra segment, the Broncos twice ended up with fourth and ones, and twice punted the ball away. But thanks to a missed 52-yarder by Chargers kicker/public-urinater Nick Novak -- who'd made a 53 yarder before fading an attempted sequel from 48 -- Tebow and company got another chance, and finally made good on it. No completed passes this time, but a couple of good Timmy option runs, followed by a tremendous burst by McGahee, set up Prater for the game winner. And he didn't piss it away.

After the game, most of the hallelujahs were directed at Tebow, as usual. But his W streak wouldn't have happened if the defense hadn't kept opponents within range -- and even though Miller is a rookie, he's already changed the culture of the squad. Of course, he leads through example: He racked up ten tackles and a sack, and even when he didn't get credit for his actions, he caused the sort of disruptions that allowed others to excel. Prime beneficiaries included D.J. Williams, who led the squad with twelve tackles, and Elvis Dumervil, who appears to have regained his sackmaster skills, putting the dickish Philip Rivers on his back twice.

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy.

Next for the Broncos is a classic trap game versus the Minnesota Vikings. If God continues to smile down upon them, they still may not pick up a game on the Raiders, who'll take on the woeful Dolphins. However, they'll further legitimize their status as a legitimate contender (did I just write that?) for the AFC West crown.

But remember: Without Miller time, there might have been no Tebow time.

Look below to see the NFL Network roundup about the game, complete with the studio crew repeatedly chanting Timmy's name, Wizard of Oz-style.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.