Tim Tebow tattoos and tribute Tumblrs meet hate sites and pointless-spin-move ridicule

It's Tim Tebow's worldwide web. We're just surfing on it.

With the Broncos having reeled off their fourth straight win, Tebowmania has reached heights that even his most fanatical fans probably never imagined. But that doesn't mean the haters have been squelched.

Here are some examples from opposite sides of the coin.

Tebow devotion is being written in ink. Here's one impressive tat courtesy of Yahoo! Sports:

And check out this video of another guy permanently marking himself as a Tebow admirer.

In the meantime, Tebow Tumblrs are popping up all over, most of them brimming with affection for No. 15. Witness HeavensYesTimTebow, which intersperses photos of Timmy in action with the occasional tweet from his Twitter account -- like this one:

By the way, the psalm in question reads: "Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever."

Tebow love is also spread on this Timmy tumblr, which kicks off with the line, "Tebow is winning! haha" and a video in which our guy becomes a hip-hop icon, in a manner of speaking:

Of course, it's not all adoration in the Tumblr world. There's confusion, too. Take this lament from the I Hate Tim Tebow site:

And there continue to be reactions to a Tebow spin move in the Chargers game, in which his tricky 360 failed to confuse a pair of defenders, who promptly drilled him into the turf. SB Nation created a looping gif of the maneuver:

This clip inspired a Reddit page filled with riffy responses. Here's a sampling:

John 3 60

That's just how he rolls.

He hit the button too early. Can't blame him.

Jesus would be rolling in his grave if he saw this.

I have no idea why but I find this ridiculously adorable. Like a kitten scampering around the floor.

He gets hit like that forty times a game and the guy hops right back up like the Black Knight in Monty Python.

Meanwhile, a butterfly flaps its wings in Houston and every quarterback in the city fucking dies.

Houston, you've got a problem. But Denver's got The Chosen One!

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