Tim Tebow: Will he soon top the list of legendary Denver Broncos draft busts?

With debate about whether Tim Tebow's first-round selection is now officially a waste, rumors are flying that the Broncos may cut him. If they do so, Tebow will no doubt join the list of all-time draft busts assembled earlier this year by our friends at Mile High Report. But where would he fall? The competition is definitely stiff. Page down below to check out five of MHR's top ten -- including the ultra-embarrassing number one selection, which Tebow would have a chance to displace. No. 9: Tommy Maddox. In 1992, during the height of tension between John Elway and coach Dan Reeves, the Broncos drafted Maddox out of UCLA as Elway's heir apparent. Problem is, Elway didn't need an heir apparent, as those two subsequent Super Bowl wins demonstrate. Maddox wound up having a decent stint with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but did nothing much of note in predominantly orange. No. 8: George Foster. Foster was the twentieth overall pick in 2003, and was supposed to anchor the Broncos' offensive line for years to come. But he never became the dominant up-front presence the team anticipated. He was benched in 2006, dealt the next year. No. 6: Marcus Nash. During the Mike Shanahan era, the Broncos seemed to specialize in wasting high draft picks on receivers that ultimately disappointed, and Nash is exhibit A. He was drafted in 1998's first round, but caught only four passes his rookie season -- and headed out of town on the Big Bust express following the second game of season two. No. 2: Jarvis Moss. Picked seventeenth overall in 2007, Moss was the big, dominating defensive lineman of fans' dreams -- and Denver actually moved up in the draft to get him. For this effort, he tallied a whopping three and a half sacks in his Broncos career and was eventually released rather than traded. That's an indication of how far his stock had fallen. No. 1: Maurice Clarett. Granted, the Broncos didn't take a flier on the troubled Clarett in the first round. But a 2005 third-rounder was still a lot to pay for what everyone else in the NFL saw as a guaranteed disaster -- and Clarett certainly lived up to these low expectations. He was cut during preseason, after which he only tended to make headlines after being arrested. Ooof!

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