Tim Tebow's critics wouldn't mind expressions of faith if he were Muslim, says Fox News pundit

Fox News' fascination with Tim Tebow continues unabated -- but with a new twist.

Prompted by icy-hot hostess Megyn Kelly, longtime sports reporter and pundit Bernie Goldberg suggests in an interview on view below that most people who criticize Tim Tebow for public expressions of Christian faith wouldn't have a problem if he were a Muslim doing likewise.

Granted, Goldberg, who's a more complex thinker than many of his critics acknowledge, thinks many of those who celebrate Tebow's Christian genuflections would hit the ceiling if a Muslim celebrated a touchdown by kneeling as if in prayer and sending his thanks to Mecca. That's an astute observation, as is Goldberg's comment that the divide between Tebow lovers and haters is a microcosm of the current culture war -- which Fox News is doing its damnedest to sustain.

Check out the entire clip below.

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