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Tim Tebow's Through My Eyes book tour stops include Hannity & The Daily Show! (VIDEO)

Tim Tebow's book Through My Eyes is filled with stories about faith, football, faith, family and faith, in that order -- and he's promoting it with the same kind of pumped-up enthusiasm that marks his play. He's already appeared on an extended segment of Sean Hannity's Fox News program: see it below. And tonight, he'll have a very different forum -- on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

The Hannity chat finds Tebow delivering the sort of lines moms love, generally while wearing one of his two favorite expressions: Perma-Grin or Touched By an Angel. He declares that his ultimate goal is to be a good role model; that he fights off temptation with assists from his religious foundation and a strong support staff (don't you dare try making a joke about the word "staff"!); that he thinks other athletes respect him for his pro-Christian declarations because he's also passionate about sports; and that he appeared in a pro-life Focus on the Family Super Bowl ad in tribute to his special relationship with his mom, who believed in him even when doctors told her he might be a tumor instead of a baby. He also touts the Tim Tebow Foundation, declaring, "I want my legacy to be with the kids I impacted, not the football fields I played on."

A nice sentiment, to be sure -- but thousands of Broncos fans are hoping he can make a mark in both places. Here's the Hannity clip.

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