Readers on Tips for Transplants: Twelve Months of Advice for Newcomers

Nobody loves a jack-o-lantern in November.
Nobody loves a jack-o-lantern in November. Orin Zebest at Flickr
We know plenty of you haven't called the Mile High City home for long. That's why in October of last year we started our Tips for Transplants series, in which we broke down our best advice for newbies by month (because November in Denver is very different from November in L.A., Californians). Although the advice changed with the months, the comments on our final installment, Ten Tips for September, sound much like the comments made after the first round. Says Bryan: 
More condescending than informative. It gets old apologizing for the nasty natives who have so little to be proud of other than the fact that they were born in Colorado.
Adds James:
They forgot rule # 1:

Avoid the so-called "natives" when at all possible. They're whiny losers in life and are now jealous of out-of-towners' success. If you happen to come across a "native," say, "Look! There's a nickel on the ground." They will turn and run for it and you can make a getaway.
But then there's this from Roy: 
Tips for transplants: GO HOME!

To celebrate the conclusion of our series, we've rounded up our best advice for newcomers below. Thanks for reading. We're glad you're here!

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