Titans' LenDale White avoids charges after hometown altercation

There are plenty of things you might expect Denver native and Tennessee Titans running back LenDale White to do after a traffic accident. If you're nice, he might offer to sign the hood of your car. If you're confrontational, he may rush at you nine times for -5 yards and three touchdowns. If you're delicious looking, he may pour some ranch dressing on you and eat you. Or if you happen to be holding a terrible towel... well, the video above reminds us about how he'd handle that.

But according to a Denver police report, there's one, less predictable thing White may do: beat you with a belt.

That's what police say White did in the early hours of Valentine's Day, after he and some friends were in a minor car accident at 1825 Arapahoe, in downtown Denver. After the fender bender, a verbal dispute turned physical by way of pushing and shoving, the report says. White then allegedly broke out a belt and used the buckle to beat on a 25-year-old victim, who wound up in the hospital with lacerations, according to the report. The report says nothing about whose belt was used or, if it was White's belt, how long it took him to remove it from his 74-inch waistline.

We do know, however, that city prosecutors will not charge White in the alleged attack, as Nashville's Tennessean reported tonight:

The Denver police department said the case has been reviewed and "is closed.''

"He has not been charged and will not be charged,'' Denver Police Lieutenant Matt Murray said of White. "The entire incident was reviewed, the evidence was reviewed and no charges were filed.''

The NFL and the Titans are both aware of the incident, however.

Police told the paper there were conflicting stories about what happened, so no charges were filed. But NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, not really down with the whole burden-of-proof thing, could still punish White, pleasing fantasy football players everywhere.

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