To defeat the evil health-care legislation, Republicans will target a lawmaker near you

Politico reports this morning that the battle over President Obama's health care-reform bill will be waged, and won, during the upcoming August recess. And Republicans is already identifying Colorado Democrats it believes it can persuade to stiff-arm the president come vote time. From Politico's piece:

"There's a reason why they wanted to pass this before the August break, and that's because the president continues to see his popularity slowly come down to earth, and the policy continues to grow more unpopular by the day," said NRCC spokesman Ken Spain, whose committee plans a month-long offensive aiming television ads and other resources at vulnerable Democrats. "It's going to be much tougher to get these guys to come back and cast a vote for something they've been hearing bad things about over the course of August."

Spain said his message would focus primarily on the cost of health care reform and focus on vulnerable members like Virginia Rep. Tom Perriello and Colorado Rep. Betsy Markey. Key Republican Senate targets include Majority Leader Harry Reid, while Democrats say they hope to exact a price from North Carolina's Richard Burr, among others, from opposing health care legislation.

And while the campaign committee targets Markey, the RNC is launching radio ads urging listeners to call Representatives John Salazar and Ed Perlmutter (as well as Markey) and urge them to "say no to this dangerous experiment." Read the full text of the radio ads after the jump and, if you've got August plans to go fishing with any of these folks, you might want to reconfirm. Sounds like they're going to be busy weighing the pros and cons of the legislation making shrewd political calculations.


Time: 00:60

Voice: "Most Americans agree. It's time to take action to reform our healthcare system. But the dangerous experiment President Obama and the Democrats in Congress want just can't be the right answer. The question is what Congressman/Congresswoman [Salazar/Markey/Perlmutter] will do."

Voice: "Look at their record. The stimulus package cost us hundreds of billions without creating new jobs. The national debt has more than doubled."

Voice: "If Barack Obama and the Democrats get their way, the Federal Government will make the decisions about your health care. And, their plan costs a trillion dollars we don't have. You have to pay a new tax to keep your private insurance. It's too much, too fast."

Voice: "Call Congressman/Congresswoman [Salazar/Markey/Perlmutter] at 202-225-3121, that's 202-225-3121 and tell him/her to say no to this dangerous experiment."

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