Today's featured event extra: The Denver Community Museum just keeps on rolling along

Yes, it's true: The Denver Community Museum plans one last stab, in a heretofore unnamed location. But museum founder Jaime Kopke is still seeking a few more willing participants, so here's her missive for all to read:

Hi everyone,

We're still looking for a few more participants to take part in the mobile museum project this summer. Info about the last Community Challenge is below -- let me know if you want to take part and I will get you a box and more information. Free, all ages!

Cross-City Challenge: Looking for Loci

Have you ever found a place in your home, neighborhood or city, and felt an invisible energy, almost like magic? In Roman culture, this was called "Genius Loci," which referred to a location's distinctive atmosphere, or spirit. In our urban environments these places can be more difficult to find, or lost altogether-- but they do exist.

Locate a special place in your city and create a visual tribute to the genius loci of the spot. It can be part of your home, in a park or garden, on a street corner, or just a forgotten place in the alley.

Artifacts can take any form; photos, drawings, handmade sculptures or totems, a written account -- anything that shares the essence of the place. You will be given a 9" x 5" x 3" cardboard box as your stage, canvas or shelf for your piece -- all artifacts must fit within the box.

Due dates: Artifacts will be due June 6th-10th (drop-off TBA)

Exhibit dates: Denver: 6/13-7/12/2009 San Francisco: 7/18-8/8/2009

MORE INFO will be provided to participants once they sign up.



Just doin' my duty, here. Now it's up to you. E-mail for deets.

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