Today's featured event: Fête Earth Day at a Lubie Love screening

There's an Earth Day party brewing right where you might not expect one: deep in the heart of Cherry Creek North, which was designed strictly for high-end consumers and consuming. But as pointed out by Myrna Hayutin of Gallery M, 2830 E. 3rd Avenue -- where the independent film Lubie Love: The Movie, a joint project between Gallery M and Peck Slip Studios, will screen tonight at 7 p.m. -- it's all part of a movement to keep people who think they can't afford to collect art in this economy to stay in the loop. "We've become involved now in new media," she says, "which is really an extension of what we already do." If the collectible 20th-century photography, high-profile prints and other original works Hayutin sells are worthwhile investments, why not a movie, too?

Plus, Lubie Love, the work of gallery partner Mason Hayutin, is not devoid of meaning, especially today. Riding on the slim story of an art dealer-turned-trucker driving cross-country in the name of love, the film is ultimately about choosing oil alternatives. "It's a documentary with subplots that's funny yet has an important meaning as well. That's why we're doing it on Earth Day," Ms. Hayutin says of the film, which, in honor of the iconic Route 66, is exactly 66 minutes long. To add to the hoopla, a battalion of Harley riders will drive in around 6:30 p.m., along with a pair of Red Bull Mini Coopers, with Red Bull Girls and free energy drinks to boot. Who ever knew going green could be this much fun?

Tickets, $10, are available online. Visit the Gallery M website or call 303-331-8400 for details.

For more ways to rock the night and kill the day, go to westword.com/calendar.

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