Today's Loony JonBenét Ramsey Murder Theory: The Bible Says a Clown Did It

For over a decade, plenty of folks have been willing to share their ideas about who murdered six-year-old JonBenét Ramsey in 1996 -- like, for example, James Kearney, a former FBI agent who's made his notions available for a nominal fee. But Boulder district attorney Mary Lacy's July decision to clear family members in the slaying gave the who-did-it game an additional boost -- and T. Chase, the creator of Revelation13.net, decided to play. A self-described "New Age Christian," Chase uses a software program to search the King James Bible for "hidden prophecies" -- one of which suggests that poor JonBenét was the victim of a killer clown.

Don't believe it? After watching the YouTube video below, you probably won't, either.

In the clip, Chase says that in searching a passage from Ezekiel 36:6 to Daniel 5:2, she discovered the words "JONBENET," "EIGHTEEN" -- a possible reference to the original ransom note found the morning after the murder, which demanded $118,000 -- and "CLOWN." (The illustration above shows the grid in question, as does this page.) In Chase's view, "this matrix may indicate the intruder-child molester-pedophile who committed the murder dresses up as a clown, and could be a clown at kids' events. I would recommend looking at any clowns who may have either been to the house or have seen JonBenét elsewhere. And possibly a clown who is into satanic rituals. I would also look at other related murders of children that occurred near geographic coordinate lines, since Boulder is exactly at 40 degrees north. That and the murder on Christmas may indicate a satanic ritual."

Get going, Ms. Lacy. Makes as much sense as going after John Mark Karr.

Click to check out Chase's video. -- Michael Roberts

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.