Tom Massey wins Governor's Hall of Fame Award for showing movies love

Local filmmaker Daniel Junge was a big winner last night, snagging an Oscar for his documentary, Saving Face. But before the crowd at the Denver Film Society's Oscar Night America party erupted in cheers, movie lovers gave a round of applause to Representative Tom Massey, who won the Governor's Hall of Fame Award for his relentless championing of film at the Capitol -- an effort he's continuing this year.

As explained in our cover story, "The Reel West," Massey is once again sponsoring a bill to increase Colorado's film incentives. "Eighth time's a charm!" Massey said at a rally earlier this month, referring to past unsuccessful efforts to increase the cash rebates awarded to moviemakers who film their flicks in Colorado.

Donald Zuckerman, a movie producer tapped by Governor John Hickenlooper last year to head the Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media, says Massey was chosen as this year's winner because of the Poncha Springs Republican's long-running political support of the movies.

"I think everybody really appreciates the fact that year in and year out, he has really tried to champion an incentive," Zuckerman says. "And for the first time, I think we have one that there's general consensus that it will work."

The Governor's Hall of Fame Award "honors an individual who has made a profound impact in feature films, television, cable, commercials, still photography, interactive media or video game design," according to an official description. "The winner merits recognition and distinction for long-term contributions, accomplishments and leadership in these industries."

Local artist Barbara Baer designed this year's award. Past winners include Ken Seagren, the owner of Lighting Services, Inc., photographer John Fielder, Academy Award-winning producer Donna Dewey and former state film commissioner Stephanie Two Eagles.

See a photo of Massey at the award ceremony below.

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