Tom Menino, Colorado beer-hating Boston mayor, puts the "uck" in shmuck

Boston mayor Tom "Mumbles" Menino thinks Colorado beer sucks. He thinks Boston beer is better. Yeah, you heard that right.

On Thursday, Menino made headlines after Denver mayor Michael Hancock suggested that the two make the traditional sudsy bet over the outcome of the Denver Broncos vs. New England Patriots playoff game tomorrow. "We have the best," he reportedly said. "Colorado Rocky beer? Uck."

Wow, talk about pulling a Buckner.

Menino could have insulted us over so many things. He could have called us a flyover state, he could have called us a cowtown or a backwoods, Western burg. But he chose to insult us over one of the things we are known for internationally: our beer. Do you want to compare our ski slopes as well, Mr. Mayor?

What do you think about California's beaches? Uck. Or Montana's fly fishing? Uck. Or Hawaii's flowers? Uck. His comments, as anyone who lives in Colorado (or anywhere else, knows) are ridiculous, and a sign of his ignorance. And if you want to background yourself on the subject, just check out this excellent treatise by Ed Sealover, author of Mountain Brew: A Guide to Colorado's Breweries.

It would be like Colorado insulting Boston for its clam chowder or its snooty private colleges or its incomprehensible accents or its racism -- all things that Beantown has nailed to a T.

Hancock tried to offer a retort: "First of all, we are the microbrew capital of the nation. Some of the best beer in the world is brewed here in Colorado," Hancock told the Denver Post. "The moment Sam Adams sells more beer than Coors, then he can come talk to me. Otherwise, he needs to stay in Boston and not talk about our beer."

Note to Hizzoner: You might not want to invoke Coors in Golden when making beer comparisons. Especially since that conglomerate is mostly foreign owned, while there are sixteen operating breweries in your own city and eight more on the way in 2012.

Still, win or lose, Hancock should sent a sampler pack of Denver beer back east, so a chowderhead like Menino won't let the next easy roller slip between his legs.

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