Tom Tancredo coffee mug swears there was no shame in voting for him

Hurray for capitalism! Without it, we Americans wouldn't have such a rich panoply of consumer items -- including a slew of stuff available through Amazon.com that will allow you to express your love for, or hatred of, Tom Tancredo.

But lovers have more choices beyond this "There Is No Shame in Voting for Tom Tancredo" coffee mug.

The selection of negative Tancredo paraphernalia available for retailers such as T-Shirt Frenzy and Shop Zeus is on the thin side. It includes...

... this "Tom Tancredo Sucks" mouse pad... ... and a coffee mug expressing a similar sentiment.

In contrast, Tancredo fans can purchase...

... an "I Love Tom Tancredo" T-shirt available in kids' sizes, so your progeny can be the pride of his or her conservative play group, plus... ... a "Tom Tancredo Rocks" mouse pad to counter the "sucks" version, as well as... ... a mug letting you know that "Voting for Tom Tancredo Is Sexy"... ... an "I Voted for Tom Tancredo" key chain... ...and a "Tom Tancredo Is My Homeboy" T-shirt sure to turn heads at your next Tea Party. And that's just one more thing great about America.
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