Top 10 Best Roller Derby Nicknames (aside from Best of Denver winner Frida Beater)

This year, the prestigious "Best Roller Derby Nickname" award in our 2011 Best of Denver went to Frida Beater of the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, who, in addition to having a kick-ass nickname, routinely kicks actual ass. But she's not the only witty derby girl around. As such, we present the Top 10 Roller Derby Nicknames aside from Beater. Cuz she already won.

10. Count Smacula, Pikes Peak Derby Dames

9. Princess of Wails, FoCo Girls Gone Derby

8. Assault N. Progress, Denver Roller Dolls

7. Buster Hiney, Choice City Rebels

6. Iona Switchblade, FoCo Girls Gone Derby

5. Alpha Q Up, Rocky Mountain Rollergirls

4. Laura Mangles Wilder, Choice City Rebels

3. Boo Boo Radley, Denver Roller Dolls

2. Scar Mitzvah, Rocky Mountain Rollergirls

1. The Panty Christ, Pikes Peak Derby Dames

More from our Sports archives: "Joan Cougar Menstrualcramp!: Top ten roller derby nicknames in the U.S.A."

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