Things to Do

Top 10 things Denver should do to get greener on Earth Day 2010

They're only baby steps, but hopefully these ten small tokens of our appreciation for Mother Earth will add up to one slightly larger and biodegradable token.

10. Planting a tree and then neglecting it until it dies.

9. Recycling ideas at work.

8. Being one-upped by whatever stupid Boulder has planned.

7. Going on a guided nature walk focused on how we can make little changes add up to a big difference. And by that we mean drinking outside and using one plastic cup for a wide variety of drinks

6. Carrying a single bike tire and helmet into the office while breathing heavily to create the illusion of having biked to work

5. Addressing both recycling and hunger by lining up 250 beer cans in a winding path that eventually leads to a sack of Double Downs.

4. Burying trash in our neighbors yard to compost.

3. Only buying fair-trade, organic Cheetos.

2. Enlisting all Denver squirrels into a crack team of litter collectors through nut incentives. Yes, tiny vests will be issued.

1. Buying smaller shoes to reduce carbon footprint.

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Lucia Novara
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