Top 10 things Stock Show guys can still make fun of now that gay people are off-limits

Earlier today, a spokeswoman for the National Western Stock Show apologized for a series of tired gay jokes made by its rodeo announcing crew and clowns, and told a Westword reporter that the jokes won't be back. Good for them. But we don't want to leave the announcers in the lurch when it comes to material. So here are ten other things that Stock Show guys can still joke about.

1) Vegans 2) Alpacas 3) Hipsters in skinny jeans 4) Rodeo clowns 5) Fat sheep 6) Skinny sheep 7) Dudes 8) Anything or anyone from New York City 9) Mimes 10) Drunks at closing time

More from our Kenny Be/Comics archive: "Stock Show visitors greeted by shadowy Globeville figures: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology."

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