Top 16 White Elephant Christmas Gifts of 2010

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It's the time of year for the giving and receiving so-called White Elephant gifts -- which, for those of us into kitsch stuff, can be better than receiving something allegedly classier. Understanding this, our friends at Arc Thrift Stores of Colorado have assembled their "must-have" White Elephant gift list -- sixteen twisted presents for someone with a special sense of humor. Check out photos and descriptions from Arc of the top picks below: 16. Christmas music album covers. Use them as festive placemats as you enjoy your dinner. With a crafty hand, goofy covers can be transformed into hilarious picture frames. 15. Cute elf ornaments look great swinging from the Christmas tree, they also can double as rear view mirror companions. 14. A vintage medicine dispenser makes for the perfect way to spice up drinks "just fill 'er up, and hose it out" to friends. If you have cherry juice, about a tablespoon of the juice added to the cola will make a cherry cola. For a vanilla cola, add 1/2 tablespoon of vanilla extract. For a chocolate cola, add thin chocolate syrup, to taste in the cola. 13. This hand painted ceramic centerpiece creates charm with the record album placemats. Or it can be the perfect "grandma" bathroom décor. 12. Ugly sweater contests are a shoe-in with this customizing tool. Create your own ugly sweater with this giant sequin craft project and it is perfect entertainment for a cold winter day. 11. For your fantasy football buddy, this little Victorian doll is the quintessential stocking stuffer...or a little girls delight when it comes to Christmas presents. 10. Pet rock lovers search for the perfect guard dog is over. A Beautifully hand painted Yorkshire terrier on a 3 lb. rock. Important office documents stand no chance of going missing with this puppy on duty. 9. Really? Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce...just drop the pennies into the slot. This hamburger bank puts a new flavor on savings. If placed in a fast food wrapper it is sure to be received with a grin. 8. The flamingo business cardholder is perfect for the executive suite - or for any stoic businessperson. 7. This wooden toad may arguably be a better business card holder. The detailed engravings scream of elegance. 6. Kowabunga! This cool penguin soap-dispenser (with a surfboard) is the perfect addition to any kitchen sink. 5. This carved coconut head doubles as a drink holder (top comes off), and as a bank! (Not responsible for coins being dropped into drinks.) 4. This Angels centerpiece makes a great festive showcase. But, do not use this around candles (we haven't seen this much plastic since 1954). 3. These guys' expressions were caught watching "A Christmas Story" right as the boy gets his tongue stuck to the pole. OUCH! 2. A tissue holder with pizazz. This is for the Cambodian templist who has everything, including a running nose. Is that a tissue coming out of this rock face nose? Hang this charmer on the wall where all can see it and use it! 1. Let Rudolph greet your guests (he is sure to add or wipe smiles on any face).

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.