Top 20 Tweets From Fans Actually Happy the Broncos Didn't Play This Week

Plenty of folks took to Twitter on Sunday to express their unhappiness that the Broncos had a bye week.

But quite a few expressed the opposite point of view.

For this last group, the benefits of the Broncos having the week off included a major reduction in stress, the opportunity to do other things on what was a flat-out glorious Colorado day and a guarantee that at day's end, Denver would still be unbeaten.

And they are. Continue to count down our twenty favorite tweets from people pleased about the bye week.

Number 20:
Number 19:

Number 18:

Number 17:

Number 16:

Number 15:

Number 14:

Number 13:

Number 12:

Number 11:

Number 10:

Number 9:

Number 8:

Number 7:

Number 6:

Number 5:

Number 4:

Number 3:

Number 2:

Number 1:

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