Top 5 unfactual Colorado facts according to Uncyclopedia.wikia.com

Did you know that the City of Wheat Ridge once elected a known cannibal as mayor, that the original acronym for the NORAD military facility was GONAD, or that Colorado's official state song is "O, Wyoming"? It's all true according to the Colorado page at Uncyclopedia.wikia.com.

The website -- listed incorrectly in the original version of this post as Uncyclopedia.com -- is a place where experts ranging from bored teens to basement-dwelling cranks share their juiciest bits of revisionist history. Here are five other fun (un)facts:

1) Colorado was discovered in 1812 by the Starfleet Captain Christopher Pike :

"Pike mapped the area using an extremely long ruler, and named the vast rectangular swath of wasteland 'rectangular swath of wasteland,' which translates into Spanish as 'Colorado.'"

2) Colorado leaders once planned to invade Wyoming:

"In 2010, Coloradoans planned an invasion of its northern neighbor in hopes of forming a decoy tourist colony. The colony would be advertised to Texans and Californians in hopes that they would migrate. Once the plan succeeded, the border would be militarized, rivaling Korea. This plan failed when the weather warmed up and people went back outside... away from the Internet... where they conjure up such things... at 2:30am... with homework to do."

3) City and County of Denver's name stolen from popular folk singer:

"The city's original name was Deutschendorfville (translated in English as "Place to Stay on the Way to California to Mine Furiously for Golden Nuggets", thus leading to the naming of the Colorado NBA basketball team, the Denver Furious Miners). Tourists and state residents alike travel to Denver on weekends to shop for goods not available at home, like bread, butter, milk, and bricks of plastic."

4) Utah fought war with Colorado over squareness:

"In 1999, there was a war between Colorado and Utah called the Corner War. This war was fought over which of the two states would get to be a four-sided rectangular state. Obviously, Colorado won the war by default, leaving Utah in the state it's in (pun intended). Had Utah won the war, they wouldn't have to drive out of state anymore to get illegal fireworks because Evanston would be a city within the beautiful rectangular state of Utah."

5) Loveland known as porn capital of state:

"Not only is Loveland home to three porn publications, it is also home to many porn stars. Strip clubs and brothels line the streets everywhere, and the city has a distinct smell of cum and pussy juice. Besides being the land of erotica, it has two big lakes where people are drowned, and a lot of people dump dead bodies in them. One is shaped like a horseshoe."

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